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Mail Marketing Solutions

E-mails have come up as the easiest way of communication, not just on a personal level but on professional level as well. Many companies and businesses have realised the value of an e-mail in day to day business. It can earn a customer and make a business leverage the direct contact with him, provided it is used creatively and strategically. This pursuit of reaching a customer directly on a digital platform has given way to E-mail Marketing. In fact, Oxygen holds strategic importance to reach customer in a direct and personal way.

Building & Sustaining a life long relationship with your clients with our Mail Marketing Solutions. Newsletter is the piece of information that is regularly sends to your customers as reminder to your presence in the market. It may provide promotional material regarding your new services and also the tips for enhancing the living status of your customers. Our newsletters will host variety of information related to the domain of your company, along with free useful tips and techniques that would enhance the present living status of your clients.

We have dedicated team of experienced experts to provide our customers with efficient use of existing floor space, as well as ergonomically designed products that result in staff savings, when used in any sorting, inserting, staging, or metering phase of mail campaigns. We have a good offshore development team and can also provide custom solutions to your mail broadcasting services.

Oxygen is your direct mail production and transmitting partner and with industry experience and using latest technology, we are able to keep up close eyes on every mailing campaigns, the way a real partner deliver, which enables you to stay focused on your business. We have been providing innovative mail storage and transportation solutions, as well as mailing supply solutions to both large and small business across the world, since 2006. We are proud of ourselves on our customer service and the timely delivery of your needs.

Our Specialities:

  • Content Management for Newsletters
  • Responsive Design
  • Unsubscribe and Subscribe
  • Attactive desing in different languages and platforms
  • Huge Database that covers entire Middel East Region